Mauricio Limón

El coro bizco merolico

Info de Video

Video HD, 2:23 min.


«el coro bizco merolico» is a video starring a group of street vendors from line number 2 of the Mexico City Metro, proclaiming their products for sale in a progressive and coordinated manner within an Art- Deco bathroom. For two and a half minutes the progression of each of the voices leads to a sound chaos that evokes the urban landscape of the squares, metro stations and streets of the historic center of Mexico City, as well as hundreds of other places within the country. The video poses a visual and sound encounter that articulates the dynamics of public space, the domestic sphere, and associative strategies in contemporary artistic practice.


Speech example:

“Good afternoon, this time I bring you for sale; It is an excellent documentary video entitled «El sicario – Sala 104» from the magazine «Proceso». This material reveals the unpublished confession of a man who claims to be a hit man for drug trafficking in our country for more than 20 years. He tells us about the professionalism with which he acted, the professional training provided to these gunmen through police and military academies, the use of official units for the transfer of drugs and the care of Mexican drug dealers. A shocking documentary that reveals the impunity with which organized crime acts and the corruption that encompasses all levels of government in Mexico. We will learn about the hundreds of safe houses and drug pits that operate in Mexico under the consent of the judiciary, the mutual cooperation of drug traffickers, state, federal and military police, to kidnap, torture, execute and clean gang areas that discredit the image of local governments. A documentary banned in Mexico and released by the magazine «Proceso» in its fight for freedom of expression. It’s worth ten pesos.