Mauricio Limón

Hey you listen to me!

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heyyoulistentome!, ink and watercolor on paper, 2008


ink and water color on paper

Video HD,  7:58

This is a video involving a certain kind of street character, usually called a “viene viene” (a squeegee), who cleans car windows at red traffic lights to earn a living and also often arbitrarily appropriates public parking places in the street for his own gain, charging motorists for parking their cars there, thereby by-passing any civilized code of behavior. From an idle and childish dynamic (like smacking a friend with a cleaning rag), this video goes deeper into an ominous scenario – a duel between two of these squeegees, with the ends of opening up a series of questions about our existence, particularly inside the violent, complex and confusing relationships existing between the different social structures of Mexican culture. It is important to point out the implicit relationship that exists between these individuals, with the artist as a participant inside this dynamic, revealing a complicity between the lines that cannot be stated but that inevitably gives way to desire.