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(náhuatl) “el que saca algo a la gente”
Video HD 6’34”
This video shows a “merolico” installed in a botanic garden performing his daily spectacle without talking, using pantomime instead of his word.

m. y f. Mex. Curandero callejero
m. y f. Mex, charlatan (‖ vendedor ambulante)

(familiar) SM (Mex) (=curandero) quack (informal); (=vendedor) street salesman

Rafael J. de Meraulyok, Swiss physician, surgeon, dentist whose name gave rise to mexicanism merolico. 1879 August, Mexico City
“Combated and applauded, quacks challenged the boundary between enlightened and popular: they make round knowledge among diverse cultural classes. In Mexico, Meraulyock root out teeth, remove dandruff, pneumonia, cough, rotten nails, eye bogger and flu. A mix of quack and actor, he finished his query amid applause and greatness…”
Artemio del Valle Arizpe (1884-1961)