Mauricio Limón

Política deportiva (Sports Policy)

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Video HD 5:03 min.


«Política Deportiva,» which reflects a collective portrait of individuals who, with resilience and religious determination, navigate Mexico City’s bustling intersections as windshield wipers. This scene pays homage to the community, camaraderie and cunning embodied by Jesús «El Flama» Morales and his companions.

In this frame, we are transported to the vast arid grounds of the «campo llanero» of Iztapalapa, a place where the aspirations of those who yearn to embark on a football dream resonate. More than a mere pastime, it symbolizes a landscape of empowerment, recreation and a staging of the burdens of life within a collective effort.

The video takes an inventive turn and illustrates a unique football challenge, based more on cunning and wheedling than competition. Here, instead of the traditional team versus team format, the narrative humorously subverts expectations, creating a playful yet poignant critique of the rites of passage often associated with masculinity.

In doing so, it underscores a tapestry of social interactions, sometimes turbulent, sometimes humorous, but always nuanced and multifaceted. This portrait invites reflection on the diverse and vibrant strands that weave together to form the fabric of popular culture, celebrating in a violent but ultimately familiar way, the spirit of unity and shared experience within these communities.