Mauricio Limón

Promesa Prohibida (Promise Prohibited)

Info de Video

Video HD, 19:50
Promise Prohibited is a two-channel video that narrates, through an image and sound environment, an undefined drama the relationship between three main characters. Two men, one of them «the Flame» and another of a considerably lower age, intermittently meet up with a young woman. For the majority of the duration of the video (19:50 min), we observe footage of the typical metropolitan area of a suburb of the Valley of Mexico landscape that still retains a hybrid environment somewhere between rural and poor urban settlement. There, in-between eroded reddish mountains, gray residential buildings and beautiful fields planted with «Cempasúchitl» flowers, several meetings are interlaced. Many of these are at the foot of a tree that serves as a symbolic element. However, one of the main scenes happens inside a small room. «The Flame» and the woman, sitting on the edge of a bed, look at each other as she starts undressing. On the wall next to the bed there is a pictorial portrait of both characters. The video ends with a shot of another man, perhaps a stepson of «the Flame», the formal partner of the woman or her half-brother, urinating on top of a hill, from where we observe under a twilight sky the development of a football game played on a court defined by irregular brown chalk lines – hand drawn – that are characteristic of earthy and asymmetric prairie fields.