Mauricio Limón

Promesa Prohibida (Promise Prohibited)

Info de Video

Video HD, 19:50

Promise prohibited is a compelling two-channel video that explores the intricate dynamics between three central characters through a meticulously crafted combination of visual imagery and soundscapes. The video primarily showcases the metropolitan landscape of a suburb in the Valley of Mexico. This particular setting embodies a fascinating juxtaposition of rural and impoverished urban landscapes, with eroded reddish mountains, gray residential buildings, and enchanting fields adorned with vibrant «Cempasúchitl» flowers.

Throughout the video, multiple encounters between the characters take place within this hybrid environment, often centered around a symbolic tree. However, one of the pivotal scenes unfolds within the confined space of a small room. Here, the character known as “El Flama» and the young woman share an intimate moment as she begins to disrobe. Remarkably, a pictorial portrait of both characters hangs on the wall adjacent to the bed, serving as a visual testament to their complex relationship.

As the video nears its conclusion, attention is diverted to another male figure—potentially either a stepson, the woman’s official partner, or her half-brother—who is depicted urinating atop a hill. From this vantage point, against the backdrop of a twilight sky, a football game unfolds on a makeshift court delineated by irregular, hand-drawn brown chalk lines, characteristic of primitive and asymmetrical prairie fields.