Mauricio Limón

Trust comes on foot and leaves on horseback / La confianza viene a pie y deja a caballo

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oil and natural resins on canvas, 140 x 120 (each one)

Installation view; paintings, carpets, video, audio track (wireless headphones)

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Oil on canvas paintings, carpets, wireless headphones, video, murals.
This project focuses on male judgement, patriarchal structures and physical acts that confirm power and its insertion over the body. Far Trust comes on foot and leaves on horseback I did interviews with people of high social-economic status who talk about their vulnerability, their position in society and the routines used to express and confirm their standing. Containing a subconscious layer of violence and sexuality, this work explores this theme via an audio narrative-questions about power and anxiety challenging hetero-normative ways of thinking, talking and acting. The project is an installation made of murals, paintings, carpets and video with the aim to induce the audience to listen an audio track through wireless headphones. *Variable dimentions, Sound track 7 min.